Apply for funding

DANfusion has a budget to support travels by students and scientists at Danish universities in relation to fusion energy research. Applications for funding should follow the guidelines below.


The actions typically funded includes the following:


  • Support for PhD and master's students to participate in international summer schools, conferences, and European fusion experiments.

  • Support for travel expenses for Danish scientists that participate in international fusion projects, conferences, and European fusion experiments. 


Application for funding support must be sent to DANfusion Director Søren bang Korsholm on behalf of the DANfusion board.

There are no specific deadlines or template. 

The application should contain a clear description of the purpose of the travel, a budget breakdown (e.g. travel, hotel, conference fee), and mention if the applicant has applied for other funding sources.

For larger applications and applications from students, a CV and a description of the relation between the travel and the thesis theme should be submitted with the application.


Applications will be assessed and granted on a first-come-first-served-basis, provided that:


  • The aim of the travel fulfills the aims of DANfusion (see above).
  • The budget has a reasonable volume compared to the total DANfusion travel budget.
  • The applicant is from a DANfusion partner university.


In case the application is outside these guidelines, the board will make a decision to grant or reject the application.


An application budget may be partly granted. Generally applicants are encouraged to seek other funding sources for supplementary funding. A successful applicant should inform DANfusion if there will be any unused funds from the granted budget, no later than 3 months after receiving the notice of the DANfusion grant.


DANfusion would appreciate a mention in the acknowledgements of thesis or publications, if travel support has been provided to fulfill the aim of the thesis or publication.
22 MAJ 2024