Useful websites

Several useful resources relating to fusion energy can be found online. 


Free education on fusion energy is found on FuseNet - The European Fusion Education Network. FuseNet is a gateway to international seminars, internships, funding schemes and matchmaking with universities and companies.



FUSION-EP is a Master's programme aimed at students interested in studying magnetic confinement fusion physics and engineering. The programme was created in 2006 and is currently administered by Aix-Marseille University. The programme can also be viewed as an addition to a previously acquired Master's degree.




For more knowledge about ITER and DEMO, visit ITER's website.




The European consortium for the development of fusion energy is called EUROfusion. The organization administrates resources from the European Commision and supports and funds fusion research.




The European Union organization managing Europe's contribution to ITER is called Fusion for Energy. Knowledge about the ITER project can be found on their website.




For a Danish introduction to fusion energy, visit The organization offers a roadshow about fusion energy along with several Danish educational programmes and much more.
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